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9/15/2014 6:00 PM MTB Ride Weekly Rides
9/17/2014 6:00 PM MTB Ride Weekly Rides
9/18/2014 Mammoth Kamikaze Bike Games Race
9/20/2014 7:00 AM Weekly Club Ride Weekly Rides
9/21/2014 7:00 AM Weekly Beginner Ride Weekly Rides
10/14/2014 6:00 PM SSFTA BOARD MEETING
10/19/2014 Springville Fat Tire Mountain Bike Race Race
10/25/2014 SSFTA FALL BBQ


Charge Your Lights!

 The nights are cooling off and we are getting less and less daylight on our weekday rides. Our riding groups will no longer be racing the sunset, so starting tonight (9/10/14), be sure to have your lights charged, mounted, and ready to go! We look forward to seeing everyone out there tonight.


Weekend Ride Time Change - 9/13/14

Our weekend ride times will change  from 7:00am to 8:00am on Saturday, September 13, 2014. Enjoy getting an extra hour to get ready for your ride or sleeping in. 


SSFTA Spooktacular Rest Stop - 10/18/14

The SSFTA will be returning to the Caliente Post Office rest stop for this year’s Spooktacular ride on Saturday, October 18, 2014! For those of you will be participating in the awesome road ride this year, take comfort knowing that you will be seeing several familiar faces when you need them the most. Last year the Caliente stop was home to pumpkin pie as well as other snacks needed to refuel the riders! Ernest and Kristabel Garcia-Diaz will be out at the booth and are encouraging our great members to come out and volunteer. The volunteer group had lots of fun last year and will be having more fun this year! Showing up in a Halloween costume isn’t mandatory, but it is appreciated. Contact Ernest if you have any questions.

Come join the fun at the booth or on the ride!


Bike Bakersfield - 3 Feet Awareness Ride - 9/16/14

To celebrate the passing of the 3 feet passing law, Bike Bakersfield will be gathering at the Liberty bell on Tuesday, September 16, 2014, for an awareness ride through downtown Bakersfield. Many of our awesome members not only ride in the dirt, but on the street. This law will help keep everyone safe while riding on the pavement. Please come out and support this great event! 

 Taken from the Bike Bakersfield Website: Tuesday, September 16, 2014, marks an important date for all cyclists in California: it is the day the Three Feet for Safety Act comes into effect. This new law affects all road users, requiring motorists to give at least a three foot buffer between their vehicle and the cyclist when passing.

One major concern for bicycle advocates is that people may not abide by the law because they do not know about it. We want to raise awareness of the new law by riding on the streets of downtown the day the law is in effect. Join us for the awareness ride on September 16, at the Liberty Bell on Truxtun and Chester at 7 AM. We roll out at 7:30 AM and ride to cause a buzz about the new law.

We want to get as many people as we can to attend this ride in order to make a big impact on the streets. Be it the weekend recreational cyclist, the everyday commuter, the once-a-year rider, or the triathlete, your involvement in this campaign makes a difference. If you are not able to make it to the ride, you can still take part by spreading the word. Talk to friends, family and co-workers about the event anad share our page on
Facebook. Download our flyer to distribute. This campaign educates our fellow road users and celebrates a big step towards safer streets for all.             


Kern Wheelmen Spooktacular Ride - 10/18/14

The Kern Wheelmen's 28th Annual Spooktacular road ride will take place on Saturday, October 18, 2014. Six routes are available and the SSFTA booth (along with our amazing volunteers) will be at the rest stop in Caliente to support all of the riders doing the Hideous 100, Horrible 100, Nightmare 90, and the Morbid Metric. Grab your road bike, or throw on some skinnys to join the fun!

If you are interested in volunteering with the club, contact Ernest at


Spooktacular 2014



Tehachapi Gran Fondo

Tehachapi will be home to a two day bike festival including an epic Gran Fondo through the city and neighboring hills! Get registered to take part in one of the four courses they have available that range from 16 miles to 97 miles! Entertainment will be available while the riders are out exploring the area. Keep an eye out for fellow SSFTA'ers in their orange jerseys!


Mammoth Kamikaze Bike Games - 9/18/14 thru 9/21/14

The Kamikaze Bike Games are returning to Mammoth Mountain this September! This four day event will host races for several different styles of riding! Check out their website for more infromation!



Southern Sierra Fat Tire Association is a fun, non-profit, social gathering of mountain bike enthusiasts committed to serving and promoting the sport of mountain biking in Kern County. 

For more information, please contact us:
(661) 412-2029
PO Box 1067, Bakersfield, CA  93302-1067

Monday 6pm - Beginner/Intermediate
Wednesday 6pm - Intermediate/Advanced
Saturday 7am - Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
Sunday 7am - Beginner




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